Friday, April 03, 2009

News from the Bull City.

Let's check out the goods at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. Not a lot of time before the next film so let's get to it.

Two films with bulls prominently featured: Maletilla, a love letter to the young men who grow up wanting to become toreros. I've only seen one bull fight live and that was plenty, but this film gave me a look at the grace of this blood sport.

Rank, a story about bull riding and the championships in Las Vegas. Great story, great people, and great film. I wish I had more time, but let's move on.

Sons of Cuba, the opening night film. The director, who was here, said they had just finished the film 3 days ago. Great access to the boxing club of Havana, and the little boys who aspire to fight for the honor of their family, their club, their city and Fidel.

So far, this year has been a success. Today we're seeing a full day of films so there will be more later.


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