Friday, January 06, 2006

Dead Mule Goes Toes-Up

It appears my favorite publishing credit is DOA. RIP Dead Mule.


Anonymous said...

Hi David.
I was informed of the mules passing-on by editor/publisher Valerie MacEwan in an e-mail dated 10/24/05. I don't know why the mule gave up the ghost, but, based on several e-mails I exchanged with one of the other editors, it was an unexpected demise.
From a selfish point of view I'm disappointed by the 'orphaning' of one of my stories. But mostly I'm bummed that one of my favorite quirky little e-zines has bit the dust.
Thankfully they are leaving the archives in place. The Mule is dead..long live The Mule.

Anonymous said...
the Mule isn't dead, it's just resting. see the muleblog...
Valerie MacEwan
(Not anonymous, I just can't find my stupid blogger acct information, it's been a while since i used it)