Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Planeteers Rock.

You really stepped up in the GI Book Drive. The 47th Combat Support Hospital in Iraq is getting your books now and they're overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and generosity.

But there's always something more we can do.

My nephew, the Major Brett Sachse you've been sending books to, has a new project and he needs your help.

Brett got his hands on a video camera and he wants to record men and women reading books to their children back home.

Here's how he explained it:

"...I am going to set up a screen so that Soldiers, Seamen, Marines or Airman can come and read books to their kids. I will video tape them and they can send the DVD home so the kids can watch the deployed parent read them a bedtime story. I plan to try to have the book sent to the child, if we have enough. If you could make that happen, that would be GREAT."

Of course, I can't make that happen, but you could.

So, we need children's books. I know this is a little harder because you're either reading these books to your kids now, or you've passed along your child's books a long time ago.

But as with all things, the harder it is, the greater the reward.

Let me know if you need Brett's address again. And thanks. Really, you guys are terrific.

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Anonymous said...

I guess I better wait to send that old copy of Nova Express. -SDA