Sunday, December 19, 2010

My answer to John McCain.

Below is a letter I sent to Senator McCain's office after his tantrum on the Senate floor.

Dear Senator McCain,

I watched your recent reaction to the repeal of DADT.

Let me assure you, I have served in the military. My brother and sister served in the military. My father and my uncle served in the military during WWII. My uncle was KIA on Iwo. I have his flag in my office.

My nephews and my niece are serving in the military. My brother-in-law is a graduate of the academy (64) and my wife's father was a young lieutenant in the 82nd, dropped into Normandy on June 6th. Her grandfather was a graduate of West Point and an aide to Omar Bradley.

We know what it's like to serve. We know what it's like to sacrifice.

And I am happy that the Senate stood up for the rights of individual Americans in repealing DADT.

As a former enlisted man and someone who had far fewer advantages than you, I found your comments about elitists versus real Americans unfortunate.

If an average Joe looked at you and me, I am not the one he would brand the elitist. A public high school in Pennsylvania and a degree from West Virginia University are hardly upper crust.

I respect and honor your service and I would have voted for you in 2000. It saddens me to see how bitter, and partisan, you've become.

I hope that you reclaim your legacy and continue to fight for nonpartisan progress.


David Terrenoire
US Army 1969-1971