Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Now here's a guy I can get behind.

Although snarky reporters call him the 1% candidate because he doesn't get them into celebrity-studded parties like Hillary or Obama, Chris Dodd actually did something the other Democratic candidates only talk about - he stood up to George Bush.

What? A Democrat with spine? Impossible, you say.

But Dodd threatened to filibuster the FISA bill, a stinking pile of legislative ordure that would retroactively excuse criminal activity, and Harry Reid took his lips off George Bush's ass long enough to withdraw the bill from the floor.

Some smart guy in Dodd's campaign said, "He understands that he should probably be in Iowa campaigning, but the Constitution and the rule of law are Dodd's passion."

Wow. A politician who believes in the Constitution and the rule of law. No wonder the media ignores the guy. What a snore.

Hey! Look over there! Isn't that Oprah?!


Karen Olson said...

Hey, those of us in this little state called Connecticut know about Chris Dodd and while we know he's not really going to be the nominee, he's got some really interesting things to say. Too bad no one will hear them because they're too busy with Hillary and Obama...

Pat Mullan said...

Hi David,

Comments from me again - twice in one day ! Just had to mention (name dropper that I am) that Chris Dodd is my neighbo(u)r here in Connemara. He has a home here too... and spends a lot of time here. Bumped into him and his family in Roundstone some time ago.

Good man!

Slan, Pat.

David Terrenoire said...


Never apologize for posting, my friend.

And thanks for your kind encouraging words in the earlier post.

Much appreciated.