Thursday, January 15, 2009

And the polishing continues.

It should be called the No-Fault Tour of 2009. This time it's Dick "Dick" Cheney telling anyone who will listen that he's not to blame for the litany of fuck-ups, screw-ups, and blown opportunities of the past eight years.

In an interview with Jim Lehrer, Dick tells us that not even the botched years after Iraq fell it wasn't their fault, it was the Iraqis who screwed the pooch.

"...we thought that the Iraqis would be able to bounce back fairly quickly once Saddam was gone or the new government established and step up and take major responsibilities for governing Iraq, building a military and so forth and that took longer than I expected."

So, it wasn't that Bremer told the armed men of the Iraqi army to go home, or that the administration filled vital civil service jobs with unqualified people chosen more for their loyalty to Bush than any knowledge or experience in their field, or the massive corruption and incompetence shown by the contractors who were handed billions in no-bid contracts.

No, none of that was the administration's fault. It was those damn Iraqi people. They just didn't jump up and take control as quickly as Cheney wanted. See, even his mistakes aren't really his fault. It's other people not living up to his expectations.
Tuesday cannot come soon enough.

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