Monday, January 26, 2009

My wife wants another baby.

It started last week. Each morning Jenny read aloud descriptions of dogs up for adoption. I did my usual husband grunt, cautious but alert.

Then she sent me this picture with a description of Miss Scout:

Poor Scout had been a starving stray living next to I-40 and another highway for a while when she was rescued by a kind hearted vet tech ... The tech couldn't keep her and tried to find her a home with a family, who turned out to neglect her horribly ... leaving her outside with no shelter in the rain for over a week. The rescuer took her back and a wonderful IAR foster Mom now has Scout and is caring for this exceptional dog until she finds her forever home.
How could I not take this dog in?

So, we prepared to meet Scout yesterday. Jenny filled out the application. No response. Jenny emailed. No response. Jenny called about seeing Scout where the ad said Scout would be. After being put on hold several times, Jenny was informed that they were only showing cats, no dogs, and no one knew anything about Scout.

I have been successfully married for close to 3 decades. One of the reasons for that success is I've learned that when Jenny sets her mind to something, I should stand out of the way and let it happen. To say otherwise is like trying to stop the tide. Nature will out.

But I'd have an easier time buying an orphan baby on Ebay. What is it with animal shelters? Why is adoption so hard? When I was a kid, people used to hand out puppies on the sidewalk.

"Free puppy, Mister?"

In fact, it was hard not to come home with a puppy. People were handing out puppies like business cards at a Kiwanis Club smoker. But now, they practically demand a blood test before they hand over a homeless pooch.

So, I don't know if Scout will become part of the Terrenoire household, but I know that some dog, somewhere, will eventually. I think I'm ready, but in the end, all that will matter is that Jenny is ready.

And Jenny is ready.


Sandra Ruttan said...

Aw, what a cutie. And doesn't it just break your heart? I hope you find the right pooch for your family.

I.J.Parker said...

Nice dog -- and nice Jennie and David.
Dog would be so lucky.
Best wishes!

Rita said...

When you get your dog, it will be "just the dog we wanted." I was heartbroken (I thought) when we tried to adopt a sweet girl from a Portland rescue agency, and someone else beat us to her. But then...I got Iris. And Iris is PERFECT. JUST THE RIGHT DOG...for me. (Well, she IS sorta perfect. :-) )

Karen Olson said...

When we set out five years ago to adopt a kitten after our 20 year old cat had finally gone to the big kitty litter in the sky, it was demeaning just how many hoops these shelters put you through.

We adopted our daughter from China and it was easier than getting the cats. One place wanted to have home visits, to make sure we had a good home. I offered to let her look at our adoption homestudy, which certifies us as acceptable parents by the state of Connecticut. The woman didn't realize I was joking.