Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a wanker.

The man up there smiling is Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Pussyville) of Georgia. I don't know much about Rep. Gingrey, in fact I'd never heard of him until this week. But I think it's telling that the only members of his family with any balls are the women.

Gingrey showed some spine earlier this week, uncharacteristic for the GOP, I know, so I was impressed. After Rush Limbaugh criticized the Republican leadership for actually wanting to govern responsibly rather than act like pouting middle schoolers, Gingrey said this:

“I mean, it’s easy if you’re Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh or even sometimes Newt Gingrich to stand back and throw bricks. You don’t have to try to do what’s best for your people and your party..."

Wow, he actually sounded like a grownup there. But then the dittoheads started calling in on their Dixie cups and string, because you can't criticize Rush Almighty.

With his grapes stomped flat by the mouthbreathers of America, Gingrey slunk out, made a public apology, and even kissed Rush's enormous ass on the air. Here's what the castrato Gingrey said:

“Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, and other conservative giants are the voices of the conservative movement’s conscience. Everyday, millions and millions of Americans—myself included—turn on their radios and televisions to listen to what they have to say, and we are inspired by their words and by their determination.”

Think of that. The conservative movement has devolved from Barry Goldwater and William F. Buckley to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Jesus, really? The "conservative movement's conscience?" Really?

Dude, WTF?

You're talking about one man with the values of a truck stop hooker and another who spells stupid with two O's. And, lest we forget, Newt Gingrich is the guy who harrumphed his moral outrage over Bill Clinton's BJ until it was revealed that Newt had been playing Hide the Newt with his own young assistant while his second wife waited at home.

So that's the state of today's Republican party. I didn't think it could get any worse than the Schiavo-obsessed GOP of the Frist era, but it looks like we're plumbing new depths here, people.

And leading the charge into irrelevancy are Rush, Sean, Newt and now Phil Gingrey, the biggest pussy in the GOP. And in this company of chickenhawks, that's saying something.


Karen Olson said...

I'm just surprised how much power Rush Limbaugh seems to be wielding these days with the Republicans. I mean, the guy's a drug addict, which goes against all the GOP's supposed values, doesn't it? But no one seems to be thinking about that, and they're letting Limbaugh pull strings, even though he's not an elected official he's just a blowhard radio personality. And that's just wrong on every level.

Joe Saundercook said...

Funny story -- About 16 or 17 years ago when I was an entry level schmuckster, I got stuck on a dead-end project in an old warehouse with a grizzled old engineer who didn't approve of my hair or my dress. On Day 5 of 17, he finally broke down and got personable, saying, "I wish we had one of them ghetto boxes so we could listen to some Rush." (Yes, he said 'ghetto box') Thinking that he meant the band, I got immediately enthused, telling him that, "Rush is coming to town, man!" What followed was 15 minutes of delightful conversation (Him: "Every time I listen to Rush, I hear something I've never heard before." Me: "Wow! Me, too!") until I realized who he really meant, and also realized that he would never understand in a million years what I was talking about. Another generational and political gap left open...

pattinase (abbott) said...

They are using Limbaugh to whip Obama day after day. Typical.
Also it looks like George Bush has finally found something he can't screw up--signing his name.

John McFetridge said...

That's a great story, Joe. What makes it even funnier (to me, anyway) is that in their early days Rush (well, Neil Peart) were big fans of Ayn Rand.

Later they said they grew out of that as all teenagers should ;)

Joe Saundercook said...

That was a great tidbit, John!

EagleEye said...

I'm conservative.. and I wish they would stop speaking as if Rush or Sean were the GOP leaders... though when there is no real leadership who else are they going to look to? The squeaky wheel...

As to Gingrey, never apologize for saying it how you feel it... too much ass kissing and bowing over as it is....