Thursday, January 22, 2009

OMG, the president is illegitimate.

The asshat in the hat is Matt Drudge, the web-based love muffin of right wing loons everywhere. He's the one Ann Coulter invoked as a credible source for a fiction of victimhood she tried to float past Matt Lauer, pit bull of the Today Show.

The Dickensian-named Drudge is always on the lookout for some startling news, however fact-free, that his readers will swallow with more enthusiasm than Rush Limbaugh with a fistful of Oxycontin.

According to Salon, Drudge has landed a big one here. Remember when the Chief Justice fumbled the oath on inauguration day? Well, they did a mulligan on that in the Oval Office yesterday, just to make sure it took.

What happened in that ovoid room should make every hardcore Christian extremist's head explode. Ready for it?

Obama didn't use a Bible!

Here's a screen shot from today's Drudge Report.

Some bloggers nearly choked on their Cheetos when they saw this. Could it be? Could Obama's oath not be legit? Could his presidency be as illegitimate as half the first grade in Wasilla Elementary? Could the whole administration be unmoored because the oath wasn't officially taken on an official Bible-like object?

Quel fromage!

Here I was worried that, sans Bush, we would lose the truly nutty flavor of the right wing blogosphere. I should have known that we can always count on Matt Drudge to be on the job, hat tightly on head and head firmly in ass.

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EagleEye said...

Holyb shit.. I agree with you... I'm going to have to wash my mouth out with soap now..:)

Stupid is as stupid does.. Can't we stick to more important issues like his missing birth certificate?

Geez already..:)