Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Something To Keep You Amused

As I get back into my writing routine my obligation to you, my loyal Planeteers, will not go unfulfilled. For the next couple weeks I will post a picture of a famous writer's typewriter (or facsimile) and ask you to connect the author to the machine.

What? You monkeys want a prize? A few moments of entertainment aren't enough? You need a promise of financial gain before you'll engage the gray matter?

Then you fit right in.

So far we've had WH Auden's typewriter. Earlier today I put up another and I'll give you a few hints. He was an American novelist who also dabbled in screenplays, including one noir masterpiece.

Tomorrow, another writer, another typewriter.


JD Rhoades said...


Daniel Hatadi said...
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Daniel Hatadi said...

I was thinking of voting on Terrenoire for this one, but Ripley is probably more appropriate.

James Lincoln Warren said...

I hope you saw my link to Visual Typewriter on The Sword & The Quill. If not, check out

Didn't Faulkner write longhand? No, wait, that was Hemingway. Joyce, too.

My vote goes to Paul Guyot, who not only collects fancy watches, but also ancient typewriters. (Obviously a diseased mind.)

Cannell uses an IBM Selectric--several of them, in fact, all over his house. Updike also has typewriters in every room, from what I understand.