Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why my fellow veterans should be marching away from John McCain.

It's accepted wisdom that the veteran vote will go for McCain because he's "one of us."

Tell it to John Kerry. A recipient of the Silver Star who got his ass waxed by a weekend warrior and a draft dodger.

Before I tell you why veterans should not vote for a fellow vet, let me make a few obligatory caveats. I would have voted for McCain 2000. Jenny would have, too. We liked him back then, before he forgave all the shameless and scurrilous attacks unleashed on him and his family by this guy.

In fact, McCain is so forgiving that he's hired their author, Tusker Askew, to be on his team. I guess it's true, as LBJ said, that it's better to have the guy inside the tent pissing out than it is to have the guy outside the tent pissing in.

On a personal note, Jenny's brother is a graduate of the Naval Academy and I've often been welcomed by him and other Academy grads at pistol shooting competitions and, last year, their annual Army-Navy football celebration. I've never been with those guys when I didn't have a great time and I was proud to be included in their company. I expect they'll vote for their fellow classmate and comrade. I can understand that.

But they shouldn't. McCain's record is abysmal.

1. McCain has consistently voted against increased funding for veterans' health care. He voted against 5 different bills that would have raised money for VA hospitals and outpatient care. Three times he voted against the funding because it would have been paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes.

2. In 2003, he voted against providing National Guard units in Iraq with needed helmets, tents, body armor and tactical vests.

3. Again in 2003, he voted to kill an amendment that would provide 32 million for safety eqipment for troops in Iraq.

4. This year, he voted against the GI Bill for the 21st Century. McCain and Bush were against it because the bill required only 3 years of service before the educational benefit kicked in. They said too many men would be encouraged to leave the service after only 3 years, and they didn't think that was enough sacrifice. They disregarded recruiters who testified that the educational aspect of the bill would replace as many men as the military would lose. Bush finally removed his veto threat. What did McCain do? He didn't bother to show up and vote.

On the other hand, here's what Senator Obama's proposed for veterans:

1. S.1180 authorizing programs to help homeless vets.

2. S. 3988 to improve veterans benefits and require accountability in the war on terror.

3. S. 2358 requiring accountability on VA hospital quality.

4. S. 3475 providing housing assistance for low-income veterans.

5. An amendment to S. 3144 to increase assistance to homeless vets.

So veterans, families, and friends of vets, I'm asking, as a veteran, for you to look again at who really has your back. Is it McCain, who voted against body armor and bullets for men in the field, or Obama, who is trying to improve the lives of veterans while in theater and after they return home?

I think the answer is clear. But don't take my word for it. Look it up, do your homework, and then consider voting for the man, and not the uniform.

Carry on.


John E said...

John Kerry was a coward under fire -- read the official records in the archives. The votes of McCain are distorted in your post and taken out of context. John McCain may be the best friend vets have on the hill. I'm a vet and went to a service academy other than Navy and my son is a USNA grad and still on active duty and there is not a doubt in my mind that I want John McCain covering his back.

David Terrenoire said...

John E.

Coward under fire? Even John O'Neil, Kerry's antagonist since he was recruited by Nixon, admitted that Kerry served with heroism.

So give me the facts. I gave you details. You disagree, tell me why, without the generalized BS.

And my guess is you went to the Air Force Academy, am I right?

David Terrenoire said...

And John,

Your post would carry a lot more weight here at the Planet if you didn't comment anonymously. I tend to think those people are cowards.

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

And Mr. Obama's votes? Did he actually vote FOR or AGAINST, or just PRESENT? Is there a politician alive that doesn't richly deserve our derison?

David Terrenoire said...


I'm not a big fan of either party, and haven't been for a long time, but Obama consistently voted FOR increased funding for veterans while McCain consistently voted AGAINST those same bills. I can give you the specifics if you like. There are 14 specific instances of McCain putting the Bush administration ahead of veterans.

As I said, if you would like a detailed list you can investigate yourself, I'll be happy to send it to you. You have my email address.

That goes for you too, John E.

Karen Olson said...

My brother's father in law served with McCain. Flew with him. Several years ago we were talking with him about McCain. This was before, when McCain was still a maverick.

He said he would NEVER vote for McCain. Ever. He refused to say why, but something caused the vehement response. I've always kept that in mind.

USNA Ancient said...

Not all of us vote in lock-step. I have supported Barack Obama almost from the time he announced [and there are more and more like me] ... he is intelligent, articulate, has a vision of where this country ought to be headed, and has enumerated the programs he intends to propose to take us there.

While there are some things I admire about John [and I too would possibly have voted for him in 2000], I would never vote for him now, especially after the selection of Palin as VP candidate.

John himself said during the rebubbacan debates that mayors and governors were not qualified to handle National Security issues [see today's Huffington Post for the video clip] ... and he picks her ???

Barack Obama picks Joe Biden BECAUSE he is qualified, especially in the area of foreign relations ... Palin, however, according to the parroted rebubbacan talking points is qualified on the basis that she lives close to Russia ??? ... give me a break !

The rebubbacans, taking a play from karl "turdblossom" [virtually the ONLY THING geo. dubya shrub has gotten right in 7+ years] rove's playbook, believe that telling a lie repeatedly makes it so in the ignorant public's mind AND -in order to guarantee it- they cow the media into not calling them LIARS.

Barack Obama had it perfectly right in Denver ... ENOUGH !