Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Who gets this worked up over a Volvo?

Volvos are safe, sure, but they're about as stimulating as sensible shoes.

But if you're the brand manager of Volvo and you want to attract the gay driver, you don't get him to put down 25 grand by promising safety.

You show him an erect phallus.

This ad ran a few years ago but, not being in their target demographic, I missed it. So today, when I saw it in an article about pitching to gays, I liked it and I laughed.

But you have to wonder, if you ran this ad in The Wall Street Journal or the Washington Times, would certain members of the GOP suddenly abandon their Lincoln Towncars for this boxy little Swede?

Given all the GOPers caught with their pants down last year, maybe Volvo is missing a real opportunity here.

For another target demographic, they could change their nameplate to Vulva.

As an advertising professional, I've got a million of these ideas, all this good.

Volvo? Call me.

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norby said...

Jesus, it's a car. Get over it. Someone got paid way too much for that. But, I think that about most print ads. Sorry.