Friday, April 18, 2008

Tag, I'm it.

Mr. Blackmoore over at LA Noir has tagged me with a drive-by. That means I have to tell you 7 or 8 things about me you don't know. Here goes:

1. Due to a drinking accident in high school, I can't drink gin without tasting Old Spice.
2. I was once lured to an Amway meeting with the promise of sex. I left disappointed on several levels.
3. I campaigned for Republican Barry Goldwater in 1964. AuH2O!
4. I slept with a girl named Bitsy. Really. That was her name. She was also disappointed on several levels, I'm sure.
5. I wrote a column for my college paper titled, "Jimmy Olsen's Notebook."
6. A cartoon I published in the late 70's attracted a fan letter from Baba Ram Dass.
7. The only thing I'm afraid of is poverty.

Now, Jeff Shelby, tag, you it.


Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

Damn! That Bitsy got around!


Jeff Shelby said...

Aw, crap. It used to be that I was so fast that no one could tag me...