Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why loving politics is like dating a coke-addicted hooker.

And the winner in Pennsylvania is...Satan!

OK, maybe it's more like Karl Rove. Who may not be Satan, but knows the Dark Prince personally.

The politics of Rove and Atwater won in Pennsylvania last night. The politics of fear and doubt kicked optimism's ass, just as it's done for 30 years. Jesus, who knew that flag pins and the Weather Underground would play such a big part in the 2008 primary?

Which brings me to my central thesis, that loving politics is like being in a relationship with a street whore.

Since 1964, I've followed politics the way a love-struck teen follows a girl who will kiss him and rub his back at the same time, even if that girl lifts his wallet in the morning.

She's as dirty as Bourbon Street on Sunday morning and she'll steal your mother's wedding ring to buy her pimp a new hat, but you keep coming back, knowing that she'll cut you sooner or later. She angry, mean and completely amoral, but she's yours.

I wish I could quit this abusive relationship, but every time I try to walk away, she promises that things will be better, and that's she's changed, honest, and I go back, only to wake up to find my guitar gone.

Still, this Saturday you'll find me in one of Durham's precincts, canvassing Durham's Democratic voters, hoping that this time, things will be different.

There's a word for men like me, men who fall in love with the wrong women. We're called suckers.


Karen Olson said...

So true, David. And the pundits make it worse. Why can't Obama "close the deal?" Christ, can't they do the math? He has more states, more popular vote and more delegates. But the Democratic party is too afraid of Hillary to go against her, she and Bill are the icons of the party, so the superdelegates are just allowing this to continue, even though she can't possibly win. And for all her "winning the big states," you can't convince me that the Democrats won'ts still turn out in the general election regardless of who the candidate is.

Okay, stepping off the soap box.

JD Rhoades said...

I've found that checking the delegate count is an antidote to despair. as for "closing the deal"...well, Ms. Formerly Presumptive Nominee, why couldn't you close it a lg time ago?

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

Politicians; power hungry, sellout, bullshitters. Buy into it; you're a sucker. What can I say? I have no sympathy. Since the 1970's I've had no empathy either.