Friday, September 26, 2008

For adults only.

No, this is not some cheap ploy to boost my hits. No, this is an appreciation for the grown-up in this race, the guy who said this about the financial crisis:

"First, I think everybody should be in agreement that we need to set up an independent board ... to provide oversight and accountability for how and where the money is going to be spent at every step of the way.

Second, if American taxpayers are financing the solution, they should be treated like investors. And that means that Wall Street and Washington should give every penny of taxpayers' money back once this economy recovers.

Third, we cannot and will not simply bail out Wall Street without helpings the millions of innocent homeowners who are struggling to stay in their homes. They deserve a plan, too. And, finally, this is one that's important.

The American people should not be spending one dime to reward the same Wall
Street CEOs whose greed and irresponsibility got us into this mess. We can't allow this plan to become a welfare program for Wall Street executives.

...There are times for politics, and then there are times to rise above politics, and do what's right for the country. And this is one of those times...No matter how this begun, this is no longer a Democratic or a Republican problem. It is an American problem. It requires an American solution...

...What I think is important, though, is that we don't suddenly infuse Capitol Hill with presidential politics at a time when we're in the middle of some very delicate and difficult negotiations."

I'll let you decide who the grown-up is.

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Bill Cameron said...

But I heard John McCain has a unicorn.