Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin banned my book.

When she was mayor, Sarah Palin insisted Beneath A Panamanian Moon be yanked from the library, dragged through town behind a Lincoln Navigator, stomped by meth addicts, shredded in a woodchipper, chewed on by pit bulls in lipstick, run through an incontinent moose and whizzed on by roid-raged high school hockey players.

Then, and only then, would the remains be squirted with lighter fluid and burned.

I promise this is as factual as McCain's campaign ads.


JD Rhoades said...

Ban me! Ban me!

Charlie Stella said...

While i don't share the same blind enthusiasm as my friends on the left, what happened in NY today seals the deal for me.

Two votes for Obambi at casa Stella (my wife had it with the Reps the day they cut 10% of her staff out from under her to outsourcing).

"Thanks, but no thanks," she said.

Davey 3x's is right ... McCain/the party has become frightening (with the ads/lies).

I can't ignore this:

A war based on bullshit that has bankrupted us/devastated a population of people essentially minding their own business.

Tax breaks for billionaires while outsourcing American jobs both overseas and domestically (don't be fooled by American companies providing outsourced jobs--it's simply a redistribution of benefits and salaries; a move back to the 1920's and we all know what happened at the end of that century).

The financial collapse that is taking place.

Oil profits/gas prices.

Need more?

Even I don't.

Again, I don't have very much enthusiasm voting for the Democratic Party (while I do like Obambi), these financial collapses are criminal and directly related to Bush and his party. McCain is probably worse than an extension of Bush. I like Palin (personally--her ambition/accomplishments) but the guy running above her on the ticket has become a cartoon.

Let's "hope" Obambi can start to fix the disaster he'll be handed--that's if the Dems didn't already ruin it by letting Hillary kill his chances (those polls are getting very, very scary if you don't want to give the Reps another 4 years).

Charlie Stella said...

make that "decade" (in place of century) please.

the moral to that story: never word process while word processing ...