Monday, March 23, 2009


Scout Fail: This used to be my favorite hat.

Home Improvement Fail: After 6 weeks, 4 trips to Lowe's and a few hundred dollars, I still cannot get lights over our sink. Oh, I have them up all right, and they look pretty good. But they don't light, which is pretty much the basic function of a light, right?

Basketball Fail: Against my better judgement, I entered the office pool last week. I filled out the brackets, having no idea what I was doing, and after a brief taste of victory, West Virginia fucked me just like it did during my undergrad years.

My mistake was trusting a school that has a statue outside of the student union that looks suspiciously like Jerry West in buckskin.

Thanks to the Mountaineers Fail, I am now ranked 50th in our pool. I could make a cruel remark about that matching WV's literacy ranking, but I won't.

That would be a Discretion Fail.

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Anonymous said...

Dave, Dave, Dave, if living in Cincinnati since 1991 has taught me anything, it's that Bob Huggins has mastered the art of Two-and-Out in the NCAA.

Always remember that. Never take a team coached by Bob Huggins deeper than the second round.

That Final Four finish in 91 was a fluke.