Thursday, March 05, 2009

Talk about bad advice.

This is great. I particularly like the hard-hitting CNBC business questions. Is it fun to be a billionaire?

And for anyone who wants to get their head around this financial crisis, here are two great places to start:

This American Life's episode The Giant Pool of Money and Factcheck's story is a little dated, saying that Bank of America is doing OK, which it isn't, but on the whole, pretty fair and even-handed assessment of how we screwed the pooch.

Update: Here's another thoughtful piece on the financial meltdown. And one more.

In general, I would encourage anyone who wants to know more to read more. There's plenty out there. But if what you're reading blames one party, one policy, or one group of people for this mess, that's most likely bullshit written by someone with a political axe to grind. Don't believe them.


eviljwinter said...

I have to sit next to a dumbass who gets positively giddy over the possiblity that the US is on the verge of financial collapse.

Then gets mad if you suggest it might get better.

My brother, who knows more about the state's unemployment records than Captain Doomsday, wants to kick his ass. While Captain Doomsday is wallowing in his dystopian orgasm, my brother is looking for a job.

And just mention 2012 to Captain Doomsday. The fact that the Mayan calendar simply resets on December 22 that year escapes him.

Jeff Shelby said...

That was outstanding. I think I laughed through the whole thing.