Monday, March 02, 2009

Product of the day.

This morning, as we talked about our weekend, I mentioned the 80 pounds of dog hair I had to pull out of our vacuum's innards yesterday.

Eric, a helpful co-worker, recommended The Furminator. I thought he was joking, but Bonnie quickly seconded the suggestion and she doesn't even own a dog. She said something about her husband, Vito, and his back hair, but we quickly moved on.

The Furminator. That's what I need.

If I had a loom I could knit every one of my readers a sweater and mittens. Wouldn't that be nice?


Anonymous said...

Used it on my dog which I thought was a cocker spaniel, but under all that hair I found it was a CAT, thanks!

Jeff Shelby said...

The Furminator is for real. We own one and it is amazing how it grooms our dogs. Two thumbs up.