Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's check in with Miss Scout.

Scout, our most recent addition to the Terrenoire household is thriving. Spring-loaded, she leaps about the house, barely touching the floor, snatching at loose clothing, fingers, ceiling fans, clouds, passing planes and satellites.

On Sunday we couldn't locate the remote. We found it. That's it up there.

At least she didn't gnaw on the business end.

Scout seems damn happy to be living with us, and why wouldn't she? Better than dodging traffic, an orphan on the Interstate.

And these little mishaps aside, we're pretty happy to have her with us. We're not rested, but happy.

ADOBE UPDATE: The power has arrived.


Jennifer said...

That remote looks a lot like the phone that Boomer gnawed on when Ted lived with you. Ted continued to use that phone for years, chewed up receiver and all. I think Scout and Boomer would have been best friends. Glad you received the software! I'm ready for more Flash animation.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

When we got a our lab, Angus, as a puppy 4 yeas ago we kept him in the kitchen while we were at work.

Come home one day and he's eaten it. He's happily waving about huge swaths of vinyl flooring. All of the cabinets are missing the bottom edges. One door has a very long, fairly wide chunk taken out of it.

We found the chunk outside. About an inch and a half wide and over a foot long. He'd eaten it and shit it out the other end.

And goddamn was he proud of it.