Thursday, March 05, 2009

News of the Weak.

I haven't said anything about two more Republicans groveling in public apology before a drug-addicted, draft-dodging, sexual predator because I weighed in on that earlier.

A few more Republican leaders revealing themselves to be craven cowards is hardly news, is it.

But still, I'm happy that the great Tom Toles is around to pick up the slack.


Charlie Stella said...

I gotta say ... aside from my dumping on both parties (because they're both equally guilty), the supplication of the GOP to this fat slob moron cocksucker is nothing short of pathetic. In that, Davey 3x’s, David Brooks was right (whether trying to shield his “true” identify or not) ... conservative traditionalists are no longer a viable force … not if Rush is their boy.

eviljwinter said...

Part of the GOP's problem is the same as the Democrats' problem in the eighties. The Dems kept pretending it was still the 1960's, a mindset that didn't apply to the problems of the era.

Now the GOP thinks it's still 1980. "If we do what Ronald Reagan did, things will be okay. Right?"

Only instead of The Great Communicator, they have a drug-addled racist as their icon.

The sooner Rush is jettisoned or some other group (or groups. I am all for the complete and utter destruction of the two-party system) fills the void they leave behind, the better. Because, if George W. Bush has proved anything, it's that America does not function well as a one-party nation.

The irony will be that you can still blame it on the Republicans when that proves out again, even if it's only the party's corpse you're blaming by that point.