Friday, July 03, 2009

One Day's Worth of Creepy People.

Yesterday, ugly planets aligned and the local paper was full of wickedness and perversion.

First up is Frank Lombard, a guy who adopted a 5-year-old boy and then had sex with him. A lot.

That not being skeezy enough, Lombard then posted videos on the Internet. Then he offered up the boy to others.

That's when Lombard got busted. He's in custody now, thank you, Jesus. But even if he's convicted, the maximum time he could cop is 20 years, which is about 500 years too little.

Then there's this guy, George Christ Johnson, 50, of Fuquay-Varina. He teaches first grade and is accused of "taking indecent liberties with a child." A first grade teacher. That means his students are six.


Then we have Solomon K. Njiraini, 20, who was charged with fucking a 15-year-old girl on multiple occasions. This story has the potential to get even creepier. Njiraini works at a state mental hospital and as the paper reported, it's not clear from the arrest warrant whether the charges are related to his job.

Then we have Christine Renee Call, 34, accused of having sex with a 14 year-old and a 15-year old. She's also accused of getting them both baked before she offered up the goods.
That's all in one day's paper. WTF is going on out there?

To add asshattery on top of this despicable behavior, the News and Observer's web site is getting Anonymous commenters like this one, referring to the POS who was trying to sell his kid's ass on the Internet:

"Please, please, please, let the accused administrator be a member of President Obama's inner circle."

Creeps, perverts, assholes and jerks. There must be something in the water.


Anonymous said...

I bet they all voted for Obama.

JD Rhoades said...

There are also the commenters who are insisting that the Duke administration, the Raleigh City attorney, etc. are conspiring with or pressuring the N & O to "hush up" the Lombard story for the sake of "political correctness". 'Cause, you know, the story's "buried" on the front page of the local section (with pointers from the front page). Idiots.

Joe Saundercook said...

Top ten ways you can tell if your child's teacher is a criminally insane sexual deviant:

10. In every one of his police mug shots from every state in which he has lived, always looks like he's sucking on something.

8. Bike he rides to school doesn't have a seat.

7. Shows up at after-school study sessions naked and stoned.

... too much going on today to come up with 2 through 6...

1. Voted for Obama. (JOKE, people! Look, I even signed my name)

Gary M said...

It's hard to read these stories day after day and not mutter, "C'mon, comet" when looking into the the night sky.

Tom said...

There's some weird vampire-in-the-mirror thing going on here, where the Bible-thumping Neocon molester pseudopatriarchs can't recognize themselves in the news.

But then it's all about denial, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I know Ms. Call and the charges were indecent liberties, not sex with a minor. Know your statutes and correct this information or expect a lawsuit. And for the record, my friend hired a babysitter for the first time to watch her 9 year old son. The teens decided to have a pot/alcohol party and watch porn with her son. Ms. Call is the one whom called the police and she did nothing to deserve this. She is the best mom I know and doesn't even drink nor do drugs. These teens need to be on trial for bringing drugs and debauchery around my friend's son. There is no justice anymore - it's all a witch hunt. Please correct your accusations. They are false and I will show this to Ms. Call's attorney if not corrected within 24 hours. And I pray she never sees this website. This is tearing her to pieces. My word, she wasn't even there when everything happened.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Apparently you are no friend of Christine Call. She is a drug abusing, bipolar alcoholic who NEVER sent her son to school because she was too hungover to get up out of bed in the morning to get him ready. She is a liar and a manipulator and would like to believe she does nothing wrong, when nothing could be further from the truth. Look her up on the NC Sex Offender Registry- an innocent person doesn't plead guilty to any charges that would requre them to register as a sex offender for the next ten years. I feel bad that she fooled you into thinking she was the victim in this case, not the poor 15 year old girl she took advantage of and threatened.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like anon#1 is Ms Call trying to defend her "good name", and anon#2 is the mamma/pappa bear that she woke up.

Better look over your shoulder Ms Call, you may face the wrath of that mamma/pappa bear when you least expect it. Lucky for you they let the court decide a fate for you, for which, there was apparantly more than enough evidence to convict you. If that were my child, I don't think I could be that patient or forgiving. Thank your lucky stars for that.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Ms Call is a repeat offender. She got busted for violation of probation not too long ago.

Just can't leave those young boys or girls alone can you?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Call was NOT the one to call the police. Why don't you go and get a copy of the police report.. Christine Call is a MONSTER!!!!

I wish it had gone to trial... she would be serving 4.5 years.. and she did have priors!

Her son is much better off without her! She was a bisexual pedophile, pill popping, alcoholic party girl that wouldn't grow up!!

So watch what you say until you know the facts in this case.