Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What a putz.

This is Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Jerkburg) who, during the Sotomayor grilling, had the WTF moment of the day. He told Sotomayor that if she shot him with a gun, "You'd have a lot of 'splainin' to do."

Coburn pulled the Ricky Ricardo moment because her background is Puerto Rican and Ricky Ricardo had a funny Cuban accent.

Get it?

And here I thought Jeff Sessions, the racist dick from Alafuckingbama, would be the winner of the WTF moment. Nope, it was our pal from OK, Senator Tom Coburn.

What a putz.


Tom said...

We're learning a whole big bunch about the quality of our elected legislators during these hearings. I surely do hope the lessons are neither missed or forgotten.

Anonymous said...

You are right Tom. I hope you guys are learning a lot about the lying liberal assholes we have in office and I certainly hope you remember when 2010 comes around...

When reading the article below just remember Nobama’s promise to infuse competition into the healthcare insurance industry with his public "option" and explain to me how OUTLAWING private healthcare insurance is going to accomplish that…

This is exactly why the dems put together 1000+ page bills then refuse to give anyone time to read them before they are put to a vote. Anyone remember the porkulus bill that no one got to read? Yeah, that is working out real well isn't it?

By the way, I tried to tell you idiots that this was going to happen in earlier posts. The public "option" is nothing but a stop gap measure towards full state controlled, single payer healthcare that has failed MISERABLY over and over and over around the world throughout the course of history.

I have no idea how anyone can defend or associate with a collective group of lying assholes as big as the dumbocratic party.

By the way, I know this has nothing to do with the blog post, but Dave mostly just nibbles around the corners of what matters anyway. About the only time any real lessons are learned on this blog is when I come over and teach them...

…you're welcome.

charlie stella said...

I remember this: This is exactly why the dems put together 1000+ page bills then refuse to give anyone time to read them before they are put to a vote. Anyone remember the porkulus bill that no one got to read? Yeah, that is working out real well isn't it?

Then 12 REPUBLICANS held out for an extra $150 billion in perks before they went along with the same bill nobody read. Both parties should've been lined up and shot for passing it.

I know I should ignore this anonynumbskull but I'm bored at work again.

Anonymous said...

Why the misdirection. It's like answering a question with a question. I don't care about the porkulus bill anymore that damage has been done. Besides I am not a Republican, I am a Conservative and no Conservatives held out to add ANY spending measures to the porkulus bill.

Instead address the issue at hand. Nobama has been caught in a HUGE and DAMAGING lie.

Now defend him...

Anonymous said...

On second thought, don't even try to defend him. There is no defense...

David Terrenoire said...

Once again, Anonymous shows up to school us and manages to demonstrate just how far up his ass his head really is.

Here's a quote regarding your linked article from the Heritage Foundation:

"So IBD is wrong: individual health insurance will not be outlawed. But it will be effectively regulated out of existence… which is effectively the same thing."

And what regulations will prove to be so onerous as to drive out private health insurance? The kind of regulations that will stop an insurance company from hiking up your premiums if you get sick.

The kind of regulations that will stop private insurance companies from dropping your coverage or denying your claims if you get sick.

The kind of regulations that won't let them pull that bogus pre-existing condition bullshit in order to deny payment if you get sick.

The kind of regulations that will force an insurance plan to, you know, actually cover you, instead of just parasitically sucking money out you until you file a claim.

So, according to you, the Heritage Foundation and other fucktards on the right, the private insurance industry can't compete unless it cheats its clients, is that it? Goddamn, that's a sad defense of a system you say works.

Feel free to come by and educate us any time. Your asshattery only gives us the opportunity to prove, once again, how wrong you conservatives really are.

Anonymous said...

You moron, it's the kind of regulations that state a private insurance company CAN NO LONGER WRITE PRIVATE INSURANCE after the freakin bill is passed!!!! Which is exactly what it says!!!

Are you dense!?!?!?!?

In other words they are saying private insurers have to survive for all time on the policies they have written at the time the bill is passed. They are not allowed to generate any new business after that date. That is what smart people call forcing the insurance companies out of business!

And that is not a regulation. It’s a mandate and it’s illegal and unconstitutional.

Do you know a business that could survive if they were no longer allowed to seek out new customers? Could your company survive that way? Could the company you currently work for keep the doors open if they shut down the sales office and sent them all home and dealt only with current clients?????

Is that so hard to grasp? What are you 10 years old?

Did you even read the article?

Unbelievable! Do people actually read this blog? Certainly not for the political commentary, I can assure you that.


Gary M said...


Nice touch. It's always good to hear a golden oldie. Just saying it makes me feel better.

Oh, wrong post...

Anonymous said...

Here is what the bill says...

"Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day" of the year the legislation becomes law."

There is not one single regulation in that paragraph.

It simply says that private insurance carriers can no longer pursue new business after the bill becomes law.

Even you cannot spin that into anything else. Anyone here with half a brain, who can read English knows exactly what that paragraph means and that it has NOTHING to do with regulating insurance companies out of business. It gives them a specific date after which they can no longer do business.

David Terrenoire said...


I did what you obviously didn't do - I read your linked article and then Googled to see how accurate that article was. That's when I found the article, and the quote, on the Heritage Foundation site.

Apparently the writers of your article did not read past page 16. In other words, they're asshats with an agenda, just like you.

I suggest that next time, before you show your ass, you actually question the things you read. Especially if you agree with them. Because that's a sure sign they're probably wrong.

David Terrenoire said...

I repeat what I said earlier: I think Anonymous is right not to post under his real name. It shows a genuine consideration for his family who, I'm certain, is mortified by his behavior every day.

Tom said...

AnonymousCoward, I've spoken to your boss and she's taking away your internet account.

She also wants you to take out the garbage more promptly.

Just admit you're a willfully ignorant self-loathing loser racist and get it over with, will you? You keep making stuff up, and you're just not gifted as a fictioneer.

BTW, I work in the health insurance industry, and I expect to have MORE business because of the healthcare overhaul, not less.

Anonymous said...

Tom, you are right, you are going to have more business because you have to if you are going to add 45 million people to the healthcare system. The problem is, you are going to have more patients than you can deal with and half of them are going to be waiting in a 3 month line to get in to see you. And the ones you do see are going to pay YOU a lot less because you can expect to get what you might get from a Medicaid payout. So basically, you are going to do twice the work for half the pay and you are going to be limited in which therapies you can employ by a bureaucratic council of some kind. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Dave, as usual you are all smoke and mirrors. I like how you chose to include the paragraph from the article that began “So IDB is wrong…” Rather than including the paragraph that says “IDB is closer to the truth…” than this Ying fellow who was debating the impact of pg 16.

At the end of the day, the article to which you refer does nothing to invalidate my point, which is that Nobama is a liar who is not interested in creating “competition” in the healthcare insurance industry at all. Instead he is looking to put insurers out of business and landing us all in Medicaid (for all intents and purposes).

The only insurance you can get after the bill becomes law will be policies that mirror the public option exactly. So what is the point of having anything other than the public option. Plus, private insurers cannot provide a public option clone because it will not be profitable. Of course the government doesn’t have to make their plan profitable, they get to print money, but never mind the impact of THAT on our country. On the other hand, the private sector insurers do have to make money in order to stay in business.

And you can whine about how the insurers have been screwing you. Perhaps it’s just you. I am very happy with my insurance and always have been. And if you want to talk about people whose therapies are denied by private insurance… do you really think the government is going to be compassionate as you lie on your death bed? You are kidding yourself – and you know it.

Nope your entire post - all the name calling, all the wishful thinking - does nothing to debunk my point in the least. Nobama is still a liar who said that he seeks to infuse competition and it turns out, just as all of us told you, that he only seeks to destroy the private sector insurance industry.

And on top of all of this, the CBO told us yesterday that neither the House plan nor the Senate plan is going to save a single penny in healthcare costs and that neither bill contains any significant “reform” whatsoever. What a shock. And on top of that it is going to cost over the $1 TRILLION limit that the dumbocrats set for themselves.

And by the way, that $1 TRILLION price tag, does include the cost to create and implement the public option!!!

“The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report late Monday estimating the cost of a leading healthcare reform proposal at more than $1 trillion, but that figure looked only at a portion of the bill. It does not include an estimate for a highly contentious government-run insurance plan that would compete with private insurers.
CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf told lawmakers on the Senate Budget Committee earlier Thursday morning that legislation approved this week by a Senate panel wouldn't reduce the federal government's spending on health care.
"And on the contrary, the legislation significantly expands the federal responsibility for health care costs," Mr. Elmendorf said.
Mr. Elmendorf went on to say that there is widespread support among health analysts for taxing health care benefits as a way to reduce federal outgoings on health care.
Taxing individuals' health care benefits is extremely unpopular among many Democratic lawmakers.”

David Terrenoire said...

Nope your entire post - all the name calling, all the wishful thinking - does nothing to debunk my point in the least.

Ah, Anon, you said the House bill would make health insurance illegal.

You were wrong.

All the other stuff, the cost, the coverage, your clever witticisms about dumbocrats, your opinions on the rest of the world's health care, were never in contention. Life is too short to correct all that wrong. We can only do so much.

You were wrong about the bill, even when you were calling me a moron because I couldn't read, you were proving yourself a moron because you didn't read, proving my larger point that you are a smug, ill-informed, wrong-headed wrong-boy.

Now please, go start your own blog so more people can ignore you.

You could call it The Big Planet of Wrong.