Tuesday, July 28, 2009

True Crime or That's Why They Call It Dope.

In Statesville, North Carolina, a guy approached a couple of other guys and offered to sell them "a small amount of marijuana."

It's a scene that sadly plays out every day across this great land of ours. And that's why we have a Global War On Drugs (GWOD), to stop people from selling small amounts of deadly marijuana to unsuspecting strangers.

Except in this case, these strangers weren't just any jerks off the street. No, these were jerks with badges, and they quickly set up a sting to bust this major trafficker in illegal narcotics.

Before they moved in, guns blazing, the police called the sheriff's office, just to make sure that the guy in the wig, phony mustache and hippie glasses wasn't another cop working undercover.

No, the sheriff's department said, crossing its fingers, we don't know nothing about no undercover drug dealer.

So, of course, the police arrested the undercover cop.

Which tells me that all the other major crimes in North Carolina have been solved, leaving two police units free to spend time and tax dollars busting one another over a small amount of marijuana.


This is Daniel Patrick Boyd, a local boy done gone wrong, according to the Feds. He allegedly recruited six others, including two of his sons, and trained them in jihad.

As our undercover dealer might say, "Not cool, dude."

Aside from the arrested fashion sense, Boyd doesn't look like someone who would be late with a library book. But here he is, a Muslim terrorist.

The next time some right wing asshat bitches about middle class white guys being searched in airports instead of brown swarthy men with accents, you might want to show him Boyd's picture.


JD Rhoades said...

I haven't trusted white people since the Oklahoma City bombing.

Joe Saundercook said...

That's the exact same shirt and exact same haircut I had in tenth grade.

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

Given the choice, I'll take the big bust.