Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ah, the 70's.

Things were different. People were looser, more willing to let others find their own way to happiness instead of telling them, ala the asstastic Brit Hume, that their way was the only way.*

Naked Yoga was published in 1972 and I'm sure the book was snatched up by crabbed old men, their minds as narrow as their fifties tie but their libidos secretly and shamefully lusting after our loose-limbed, frizzy-haired young yoga-meister.

But I'm equally as certain that an earnest young woman also picked up the book and, alone in her small apartment, twisted her naked body into these shapes in hopes of achieving some low budget nirvana that would help her endure the hours of tedium in her office job at the plumbing supply company.

I know many of you aren't old enough to remember the 70's except as kids. Believe me, things were different. In certain circles, nudity was just part of being young and healthy. Sometimes it had to do with sex, but other times, like skinny-dipping, it was just a literal shedding of old, stifling constraints.

My how times have changed.

Today, we have yoga accessory sites complete with a Prana Papaya Cleanser for $36, Yoga sox for $15, a Yoga mat for $75 and a Meditation Kit, which comes with two cushions for your enlightened ass, for only $63, (normally $103). And don't forget your Yoga Fashions. Otherwise your enlightened ass might be naked and free.

And in 2010, that's just not acceptable.

*What do you want to bet that Brit Hume knows as much about Buddhism as my dogs know about physics?

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Gerard said...

That has to be one of the greatest books ever published. Especially the Lion Posture. Too bad the angles moved around.