Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I think I'm gonna hurl...

...just like Daddy.

Now you know this kid's going to grow up to be a well-rounded citizen. From Chattanooga comes a Christmas story about a 4-year-old boy, beer in hand, wearing a dress, caught stealing presents from the neighbors.

Jesus, I have a reputation as a partier, especially in my salad days, but I never did anything on this kid's skill level.

But then, I had no role model. Not like little Hayden Wright.

His mother, April, told reporters that Hayden just "followed his father's footsteps."

"He wants to get in trouble," Mom said, "so he can go to jail because that's where his daddy is."

Aw. So it really is a family Christmas special after all.

Hayden made his getaway while Mom was asleep. He then broke into a neighbor's house and stole Christmas presents, including a girl's brown dress that Hayden was wearing when police cuffed him.

"Going to the neighbor's house and taking their presents, very embarrassing," said Obvious Mom.

A spokeman for Child Protective Services said that April will get to keep Hayden because, "Other than the dress, this shit happens all the time in Tennessee."

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