Monday, January 11, 2010

More unemployment news.

A man with the readymade porn name of Jonah Falcon is out of work and living with his mom. But that's not what makes Jonah newsworthy.

The reason Jonah is in the news is because Jonah holds the record for being endowed with the world's biggest dick.

He, himself, is not the world's biggest dick. That honor is shared by Dick Cheney and his daughter, Liz.

But big dicks apparently won't get your resume to stand out. Or up.

I'll let you insert your own dick jokes. I have to get back to work before I lose my job, too.


Ed Gorman said...

You mentioned the Cheneys--I'm no fan of George Will but it was fun watching him draw down on Liz Cheney after she gave her Brotherhood of Man speech on ABC yesterday morning. According to her the Cheneys and the GOP want nothing more than for all races to get along and be treated as equals. Uh-huh. Makes you wonder how many GOPers belong to Confederacy groups and white supremacist organizations. We know of one at least--Joe Wilson of "You're a liar" fame. Coming from anybody name Cheney that speech was sickening.

Gerard said...

Falcon is famous among Howard Stern fans for the prank calls he received on his cable access call-in show in NYC.