Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fair and Unbalanced.

“This was — this was an attack that didn’t succeed on the scale it was expected to but did succeed,” said Brit Hume on Fox News.

Really? The Underpants Bomber's attack succeeded in what, exactly? Giving you more faux outrage for a few news cycles?

Or maybe Brit Hume is secretly a member of al Qaeda.

No, I don't believe Brit has the stones to set his crotch on fire, not even for Jesus.

But the right certainly has its asbestos panties in a bunch. They're so skeert that a whole bunch of them have suffered from simultaneous brain damage that's erased great swaths of recent history from their crania.

Haley Barbour, former chairman of the RNC told Fox News that when it came to terrorist attacks, George W. Bush “...had a 100 percent perfect track record.”

Excuse me?

But the Mississippi Governor isn't alone. A whole chorus line of people on the right have stepped up to to demonstrate that GOP dishonesty isn't just a surface thing, but goes bone deep.

Here's Mr. Mayor, Rudy Giuliani: “...after September 11, not one time did the terrorists who are trying to kill us and end our way of life, not one time were they able to attack the mainland United States. We had no domestic attacks under Bush.”

Rudy, are you sure? Does anthrax ring a bell? What about the DC Sniper? Or maybe you've forgotten about Jim David Adkisson, the right wing terrorist who shot up a church in Tennessee because he hated Democrats, liberals, African Americans and homosexuals. Oh, I can see why you'd want to forget that.

Or maybe Rudy believed Dana Perino, former Bush press secretary, when she said, "...we did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush’s term."

Huh. I seem to recall something in the Fall of 2001. What was that?

Then we have Mary Matalin, quite possibly the most casual dissembler on TV, saying, "...we inherited the most tragic attack on our own soil in our nation’s history. And President Bush dealt with it..."

Oh, yeah, he dealt with it. Just as soon as he changed his big boy pull-ups.

But see what she did there? 9/11 wasn't Bush's fault. He inherited it. Just like he got everything else in life.

Finally, we have this from Liz and Dick Cheney's new think tank, Keep America Safe.

Keep America Safe: "100 Hours" from Keep America Safe on Vimeo.

What they hope you won't remember is the Bush/Cheney response to the shoe bomber, six days later, that was no more than on offhand attaboy to the plane's crew.

So the Fruit of Kaboom! Bomber sets his nads aflame on Christmas day, a Friday, and Obama makes his statement the following Monday.

OMG! He waited a whole weekend! We're all going to die!

Except we're not.

Why would leaders and spokespeople for the Republican party say such demonstrably false things? Are they really that stupid?

Or do they think we're that stupid?

If you ever needed evidence of the answer before, you certainly have it now.


Ed Gorman said...

Man when you look at that list of dunces, liars, whores and hate-mongers you know that Sarah Palin has found her nirvana. I'm sure sure about this but I've heard you can get the clap just by watching Fox.

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