Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can we just grow the fuck up?

OK, so it's been two days now and the fucking Republic hasn't collapsed because Massachusetts elected a naked Republican to the Senate.

Sure, it means we'll probably never have health insurance reform meaning millions more people will go bankrupt and more insurance company CEOs will get rich and fucktwats like Joe Lieberman will get more wrinkly facetime on TV.

Yes, it probably means we'll never address the really hard issues like the deficit, infrastructure, debt or education.

We can probably kiss good-bye any hopes of actually regulating the banks or investing in real energy innovation or fixing any of the shit the previous 30 years of corrupt governance broke.

And we can look forward to more smug assholes like Sarah Palin prattling on about shit they neither believe nor understand.

But we won't die. Well, some of you will because of the health insurance thing.

And the world won't end. Well, maybe civilization will be drastically different once the climate blights our farms and moves the oceanfront to Phoenix.

And the USA won't collapse. Well, we might become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the People's Republic of China, but we won't collapse.

So grow a pair, Democrats, and learn how to twist some goddamn arms.

Jesus, sometimes I wonder why all the liberal pundits and party leaders just don't give up and put on a fucking skirt.


Ed Gorman said...

Well Roberts and Scalia pushing through the 5-4 decision to knock down anything resembling campaign finance honesty is going to corrupt dems even more. The gops are so corrupt now they're even too fat to have fun in the corrupt bordello any more. They just drink themselves stupider and pass out. Remember when only Bernie Sanders voted against Roberts and the dems let him go with nothing more than a couple of tsks? Well as ye sow man. And today we reaped. BTW I see Scott Brown's wife has some kind of sexy homemade music video or somesuch. Probably shot in the bed of his pickup.

Anonymous said...

Both of you guys sound like a couple of sore losers.

David Terrenoire said...


The Supreme Court decision will fuck us, supremely.

It's a sad day for ordinary Americans.

David Terrenoire said...

Oh, and Anonymous, are you a sentient being or just a random phrase generator?

Goddamn, at least try.

Anonymous said...

This election was for the people of Massachusetts, not for you. We elected who WE wanted to represent us. Butt out. Gorman: Some of us just don't care for your offhanded comments about our newly elected Senator. Do what you do best and write novels, no one wants to hear your anti-Republican political views. As a for Terrenoire: I expect you to continue spewing hate. It seems that it's the only talent you have.

pattinase (abbott) said...

When will there be good news? Make a good book title, wouldn't it?

David Terrenoire said...

Apparently I have a talent for attracting Anonymous asses, too.

Glad to see you haven't let me down.

Anonymous said...

I like Gorman's commentary. Every Senator has nationwide influence, therefore anyone has a right to talk about the guy.

- Too lazy to login.

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

30 years of corrupt governance...includes the Clinton years, right? All politicians suck. There should be a two year term limit on the house (two years ever, for your whole life!) and the six on the senate. Presidents? Who cares? Put them in their constitutional place and they'd be harmless anyway. Maybe instead of having prisons we could just sentence convicted criminals to a term in congress. This so called republican elected in Mass. is more liberal than a John Kennedy democrat. WTF? I'm begining to believe that today's democrats are just pure socialist. I won't say anything about the republicans, you already say enough. Ahhhh pffft!


JD Rhoades said...

Hear, hear, David. As several people have pointed out, the Rethuglicans never had a majority this size and the Presidency, and you never heard them complaining they couldn't get stuff done.

The first thing they need to do is change Senate rules so that one Senator like Jim DeMented or Holy Joe Lieberman can't bring the whole body to a halt. I can't imagine the Founders envisioned needing a super-majority to get anything at all through the Senate.

And David...there's always the ban-hammer for anonymous trolls who insult the other guests.

Anonymous said...

What does the Dali Lama have to say about all the insults? Does it make a difference if an insult is signed or not? I’m sure Dali has an answer for that.

Just say NO to hate.

And grow up already.

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