Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Spring Break!

No, really. I'm tired.

Too much torture. Too much Cheney. Too much everything.

I'm going to leave the Planet for a few days.

Check back in a week or so.


charlie stella said...

Day 115 of the Obama Presidency/Change We Can Believe In and/or Voted For

Government says 637,000 people filed for first-time unemployment benefits last week. Continuing claims at all-time high for 15th week in a row.

Yesterday the Democratic controlled Senate passed on restricting Banks from loan sharking through credit cards. So glad they’re changing how business is done in America.

We’re still in both Iraq & Afghanistan.

Obama sides with Bush against the ACLU … again. Even though I agree with this, it sure doesn’t seem like change to me.

We already know he’s not the “land raper” Bush is (but it’s probably best not to bring that up to the polar bear fans).

Of course there’s the wiretapping issue, too … the economic policy of bailing out banks who then return the favor by raising internal management salaries while laying off workers and then refusing to budge on usurious credit card rates.

Davey 3 x’s … tired of Cheney?

Come on, brother … like Joe Scarborough, he’s just a lot of noise … I’m wondering when (or if) you get tired of what the Dems are doing/haven’t done. I mean, they have had that Congressional majority since 2006 … and it isn’t just about being cynical. How about holding them to account (including not bringing Bush-Cheney et al up on war crimes charges—they sure deserve(d) it).

Gerard Saylor said...

That's a bit of a nonsequitur, Charlie. I was focused the two bikini girls.

charlie stella said...

Blame JD for avoiding the bad news the last two days. The post was for his blog but he's ducking the Do Nothing Dems bad week (but I put it on his blog anyway--something to do with books).

You're right, though, nothing should get in the way of those legs, etc. ... and I sincerely hope the models are pro gay marriage (lest they be torched).

I was in the middle of writing that nonsense up above when one of my bosses walked in and I couldn't scroll down (to hide the bikinis) fast enough.

"Busy day?" SHE said.

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

That pic reminded me that I need to take a little spring break of my own....I'm gonna ring her up now.


Gerard Saylor said...

That's true. JD has not posted much over the past several days.

charlie stella said...

And it looks like he (JD) is falling victim once again to the one way blame game. Today his post is on torture.

So called Democratic liberals can't get enough of Dick Cheney, it seems.

I guess Cheney helps to ignore what the Dems aren't doing to help their constituencies (or are doing to help banks, Wall Street; in general, the rich). It never ceases to amaze me how much we all fall victim to blind faith sooner or later.

This Bush-Cheney-Rumsfield ranting smells (and looks) an awful lot like the terror alert levels of the former administration; as soon as something was/is going wrong, the government raised/es the alert level.

The problem(s) of course remain: The Dems had all the chances in the world (from 2006 on) to handle Bush-Cheney. They waited until it was most beneficial (what they'd claim) and took the white house and the Senate full force with Obama. Okay, so now that the Repus (Bush-Cheney et al) are completely irrelevant, how about taking care of business?

I mean, what's more important right now, debating what torture is or the continuing record setting unemployment figures? Further ignoring, of course, the Democratic Senate having those supporting a single payer health insurance policy arrested at a Congressional hearing and then backing the banks on credit card "REGULATION".

Weren't the Dems in support of more "oversight" and "regulation"?

Change ... yeah, right.

Like Mr. Miaggi always said, "Stay focus(ed)."

Gerard said...

The torture debate has hit the back burner in favor of the economy. I think all the torture debate lies more on Cheney trying to set-up defense against a possible trial. That trial being either legal or public opinion (everyone knows he has already lost that last one).

I'm not convinced the government can do all that much to influence the economy anyway. I'm in favor of some protections - stop oversea job sendings, usurus credit card rates, etc. - but figure that only goes so far.

Charlie Stella said...

Gerard, you wrote: "I'm in favor of some protections - stop oversea job sendings, usurus credit card rates, etc. - but figure that only goes so far."

It would've been nice had some of them (both parties) read the bailout legislation they signed.

You'd think after some of those morons (including our Secretary of State) didn't bother reading the reports on the war legislation, they would've read the bailout verbage.

Nope, why bother? This country is so engaged in Republican vs. Democrat bullshit (like this torture debate, Miss America, etc., the culprits (legislators) know they have nothing to fear.