Monday, August 04, 2008

And here we thought you wouldn't support Obama because you were a racist cracker.

I don't suggest you watch more than a minute of this guy because he's truly, as they say, bugfuck crazy.

But there were a couple of things about this video that caught my attention.

First, the guy's taste in art. I mean, that's an attractive wall hanging. Where does one buy something ike that? Does Wal-Mart carry this item, and if it does, is it made in China?

Second, is the mask. You know, I've ventured into Crazytown in the past and, to a man (they're almost always men), these people operate out of overwhelming fear. Dusty Rhoades has a good piece on this over at his blog, and if you're not a regular reader of Dusty's blog, you should be.

A few days ago, Dusty wrote about the site, Confederate Yankee, a place that is filled with these whack jobs and they all seem to have a few things in common. They all have a fetishistic love of the military, although the majority of them haven't been any closer to a uniform than a Burger King paper hat. They love guns with a pornograpic zeal that I've never seen in anyone who actually, you know, has to carry one for work. And they strut in the comments section, their virtual brass balls clanging for all the other primates to hear.

But they're afraid. They fear liberals, women, foreigners, blacks, gays and, Allah help us, muslims, especially muslims. Some of them are so afraid that they operate anonymously or under names like The Purple Avenger and when you ask why, the answer is always the same: fear.

They're really afraid that someone will be angered by their bold patriotic stand and search them out and do them harm. Seriously. They're that afraid. Can you imagine living with that kind of fear every day? No wonder they're nuts.

Back to our Obamaphobe up there in the video. He reminds me of a guy we used to have on our local cable access channel that everyone called "The Stick Man." The Stick Man had this stick, see, and there was something about it that he thought was holy. If he ever explained why he thought this particular piece of wood was blessed, I didn't catch it, but he would play the camera over it with a slow erotic pan as if tracking every naked detail of Scarlet Johanson's body, and say, awestruck, "Look at it, ya'll." This video worship of The Stick would last for ten or twenty minutes with nothing more than panning the stick and the off camera voice repeating, "Look at it, ya'll, ain't it a miracle?"

YouTube has given everyone, even our masked man with the wall hanging, a voice, and that's good, I think. How the guys at Confederate Yankee see the Second Amendment, that's me with the First. I think everyone's voice should be heard. If for no other reason than to see just how fucking crazy some people are.

I mean, look at it, ya'll, ain't it a miracle?


Jeff Shelby said...

These people just crack me up.

HBO did a documentary on them a number of years ago and the thing that always made me laugh was how they'd all sit around, drinking the cheapest beer imaginable, talking about how they were going to change the world, about how the uprising was coming, about how their numbers were growing by the second...and then they'd just grab another shitty beer and keep sitting there.

Anonymous said...

One feels inclined to quote Steele:

It's naive to say that Fox is anti-jihad and CNN is pro-jihad. Fox will say whatever the RNC wants it to say. CNN has some collection of masters as well, none of whom have the least in common with jihadists.

People like you fancy yourselves as rugged individualists. You have a shotgun, a rifle and a pickup truck, and so on. This is ironic because you are easily manipulated. The politicians and talking heads wave gay marriage or a terrorist or Terry Schiavo in your face and you believe whatever they want. Osama's not important? Okay! Saddam was the greatest threat to world peace? Right! We should lower taxes to increase tax revenue? No doubt! Kerry and Max Cleland served ignobly in Vietnam? Absolutely!

Meanwhile the people pulling your strings actually think you are a fool. Here's reality for you. Kissy kissy!


Stuart MacBride said...

"For all you Christians out there, just remember, religion is wrong. Don't, don't become part of a religion become part, become a member of the kingdom of heaven."

Difficult to argue with implacable logic like that.


Maybe he's only wearing that mask to cover up a huge zit on his chin? He must have thought we'd spend the whole video staring at his pustular boil and miss out on his message of carefully thought out sanity?