Thursday, August 07, 2008

Change? Spare change?

This is Donny. He's a little over two and he's a service dog.

My sister, Becky, trained Donny. I can't imagine how you can live with a dog and train him for two years and then give him away, but she did. And she does this for nothing.

This is Donny with Virginia, the lucky woman who got him. He's already saved her life at least once, I understand. Pretty cool for a critter with no thumbs.

Becky volunteers with Therapetics. It's a non-profit who finds people like my sister who are capable of training a dog, and then they match the dog with the person who needs him.

Why, other than being proud of my sister, am I telling you this? Because you just might want to give a couple of tax deductible bucks to Therapetics. Or, you can find a service animal group near you, and you can shake loose a few bucks for them.

I know, everybody's asking for money these days, and there might be more important things you could donate to, but if you can, I'd appreciate it.

Before we leave, I just wanted to show you my sister's dogs, Charlie, Sam and Jada.

Now, wasn't this a nice break from politics? I thought so.


Charlie Stella said...

Davey 3x's ... this is a beautiful thing.

David Terrenoire said...

Thank you, Charlie. It is.

norby said...

My mom's friend has a hearing ear dog-she (the dog) was trained in a prison program. It's pretty amazing to watch her do her stuff for Jane.

Helper dog programs are always a great idea for donations.

Anonymous said...

This story certainly touched my doggie-loving heart. Thank you.

And completely off-topic, you should Google The Lace Reader - a self-publishing phenom. And search NPR (two stories, including an hour on Diane Rehm). And look at and the author's blog. And Amazon, if you want to measure market success. Two million. Not bad.

Share with Dave the Rock. And quit being a snob about self-publishing, or post about it. Don't simply dismiss it. Times are changing.

I'm just saying...

Virginia said...

Hello, my name is Virginia, Donny's service partner, and I would like to thank you for taking your time to write about Donny and Jada. You are right; Therapetics welcomes donations so as to keep their mission ongoing.

Donny improves the quality of my life far greater than words could convey. Thanks to Donny's faithfulness, my energy level is improved! I am able to go shopping, go to my kids' school functions, go to the homes of my friends and attend church or volunteer in the community.

Again, thank you for mentioning Donny, Jada, and Therapetics.