Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Totally hot!

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What have we come to when Paris Hilton is being more adult about this election than John McCain?


JD Rhoades said...

You know, this is the first thing I've ever seen Paris Hilton in where I looked and said, "Yeah, I'd hit that," and not meant with a rolled up newspaper.

Charlie Stella said...

I'm with Bill Crider on this ... she's been the poor victim of the liberal media and now conservative wannabe John McCain.

Set Paris free ... no justice no peace.

And for the record (where I hope Bill actually agrees with me), she is so hot.

I've gone blog crazy ... somebody stop me.

Todd Mason said...

Oh, she's still vapid and conceited and not exactly a sex bomb, fairly interchangeable except for her smirk (and maybe even then) for any number of blonde's that she manages to make a more cogent response to McCain's insult than McCain or Obama have in providing "legit" productions...which, as actual attempts to get elected, of course don't bother to get to the heart of the matters at hand, for fear of losing someone's vote somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked it.