Monday, August 11, 2008

Is there a place in the mall I can get that coat?

Isaac Hayes-Theme From Shaft (Live de 1972)
by Ophim-Baker

Bernie Mac checked out and now Isaac Hayes has joined him.

The kids know him as Chef from South Park, but for me, Mr. Hayes will always be the Hot Buttered Soul Man who gave us this.

Just listen to that hi-hat sizzle.


Anonymous said...

They come in threes. So we lose Bernie and Isaac.

I'm rooting for either Axl Rose or Andy Dick. The longer I do standup, the more I want it to be Andy Dick.

But speaking of Dicks, I'd settle for Dick Cheney standing too close to a microwave oven.

DebbyJ said...

I personally think you need the chain vest.

norby said...

Ooh!! Frederick's of Hollywood maybe?