Monday, August 10, 2009

And yes, there was alcohol involved.

The post-mortem score as it stands today:

Lenin 1, Stalin 0.

Of course, Vladimir Ilyich has a ways to go catch up with Uncle Joe's estimated murder of 20 million. And that doesn't even count the war years.

But you have to give it to Lenin. There is a certain perseverance in reaching out from the grave.

From the AP:

MINSK, Belarus -- Belarusian officials says that a massive statue of Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin collapsed on a man who was hanging from it, killing him on the spot.

The Emergency Situations ministry said Monday that the 21-year-old man was drunk when he climbed onto the five-meter (16-feet)-high plaster monument early Monday and hung from its arm. It then broke into pieces and he was crushed.

Proof that there are rednecks across the globe. Pass the vodka, comrade, and then watch this.


Joe Saundercook said...

Remember the good old days when being in the Emergency Situations Ministry meant that you got to machine-gun people?

A sad commentary on all this glasnost bs...

The Nephew said...

I am the walrus?