Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fox News. Fair and Balanced

and Wrong.

Look, I know geography isn't America's strong suit, but that country is Iraq. You know, the country Fox News was so eager to invade.

Good thing Sean Hannity wasn't leading our troops* or we might have ended up in New Jersey.

Is it any wonder people who watch this channel are so wrong, so often?

Thanks to the always-entertaining for this.

*This would never happen, of course, because it would require Sean Hannity to actually grow a pair and serve his country.


Bill Stancill said...

Not to mention the placement of Egypt too. Lord, Double Fail!

Bill Stancill said...

Actually that is Iran, I had to look at a map to be sure. Funny they couldn't do that. So it's only a single fail for Egypt.

This is the kind of crap you expect from a small market TV station, not a professional outfit. FOX has a history of this kind of sloppy proofing.