Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh my God, they beat up Kenny!

You bastards!

If you haven't been following the Town Hall traveling circus, the man in the wheelchair is Kenneth Gladney, a conservative black man from St. Louis who showed up to protest health care reform, the kind of reform that would cover people who were laid off without insurance.

People like Kenneth Gladney.

The Mighty Wurlitzer of right wing media has made a hero out of Kenny, claiming he was beaten by union supporters of reform. Fox News has practically orgasmed over the opportunity to:

1. Add more noise to the health care debate
2. Show a genuine black conservative who is not Michael Steele
3. Wring their hands over an oppressed minority - a first!
4. Say the words "union thugs" over and over
5. Pretend to champion free speech

Before some Anonymous asshat accuses me of being selective in my support of dissent, I'm not a fan of silencing anyone. I'm old enough to remember when New York hardhats waded into a group of anti-Vietnam war protesters, beating them bloody. I didn't like it then and I don't like it now.

So while I'm angry that anybody gets roughed up for exercising their First Amendment rights, this story is yet another shining example of a Republican working against his own best interests.

And irony? Lady, you're soaking in it.

So far, no reports that Rupert Murdoch has ponied up for Kenny's medical bills.

For those who haven't seen the assault, you can see it here, although it's not very clear what happened, it is pretty clear that Gladney's OK. That is until he gets a lawyer who sees a chance to wring a few bucks out of Kenny's 15 minutes.

And that my friends, is truly the American way.


David said...

I wonder if we'll start hearing the Far Wrong sing "the Kenny Gladney Song".

Anonymous said...

This blog entry clearly demonstrates how and why you socialists "don't get it."

Sure Kenny might benefit from this governmental take-over of US health care in the short run, but Kenny (in true conservative fashion) understands that what is good for him in the short run may NOT be good for America in the long run.

And Republicans are working “against their own best interests” because they are to busy working for the best interests OF THE COUNTRY! Unlike the dumbocrats - Asshat!!!

Kenny doesn't want to give over his health to a bunch of liars who can't even run a 1 billion dollar "Cash for Clunkers" program much less a 1 TRILLION dollar health care monstrosity.

You guys are wrong about this (shocking, I know) and America is telling you that in no uncertain terms at every Town Hall. And by the way, why are you so afraid of the spontaneous community organizing that is happening in opposition to this Health care reform when YOUR President's ONLY SIGNIFICANT real life experience is that of a community organizer. Seems odd to me.

If this Health care bill passes it will have to be done without a single Republican vote. If that happens, very few Democrats will have their current Congressional seat and Nobama will be homeless come 2012 - and the eviction starts in 2010.

You could be seeing the end of the dumbocratic party.

And by the way, nothing pleases me more than the fact that you are in despair that “nothing will be done to repair our broken health care system.” Although I suspect that you are really in despair only because liberty loving Americans may well thwart yet another attempt by your soon-to-be defunct party to socialize our wonderful country into a welfare state.

You Socialists make me laugh...

Biff said...

Uh, who let Crazy in here?

David Terrenoire said...


He gets out of the attic every now and then to entertain us with his Republican wit.

Tom said...

Ah, The Anonymous Coward returns.

Not only are you sacless, you're not too bright. You're willing to keep paying 20% of your income to rich investors who, when you need them most, refuse to pay your doctors what they promised. Who gets screwed? You and your doctor.

Or did Rush forget to tell you about that part of the thimblerigging?

The public option works in every major industrialized nation but this one. You seem to like the idea that we in the working class should impoverish ourselves to float the boats of the billionaires. WTF?

Why do you hate your fellow Americans in the working class? Why do you want to see them die bankrupt? Whose pocket are you in?