Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Town Hall Crazy.

I know we shouldn't dismiss these people. They're sincerely scared that Obama is somehow going to turn the US into Communist Roosha overnight.

But Goddamn, this is one big ball of crazy. Here's one woman yesterday in one of these town hall cage matches and her representative is a Republican.

She stood up and said she had five children, telling us nothing more than she's fertile and shuns birth control. She said her husband works hard and pays for the family's health insurance. Again, that told us little more than her husband is employed and his insurance company hasn't decided that covering all those babies is too expensive. Yet.

Then she said, "Because he's white, because he considers the Constitution the law of the land, we are now considered terrorists in our own country." The crowd cheered. "We're considered domestic terrorists, everyone in this room, in the eyes of our own government, if someone gives the word we could all be rounded up." That told us that she's paranoid delusional.

She also said that health care reform could lead to nurses coming into homes, forcing women to have abortions. "You could very well end up on a list for a mandatory abortion."

And that tells us that she's fucking crazy.


Tom said...

To achieve that level of insanity, you have to want that level of insanity.

I'm not sure what the emotional payoff could be for these folks.

It's as if they never grew up past scaring themselves around the campfire.

Maybe if we passed out somemores . . .

Gary M said...

It's like they're pod people out of the old sci-fi movies.

They look normal.

They act normal.

Then they open their mouths and this lunacy just slithers out, and you have to do a double take.

Did I hear that right?

Then I find my own paranoia rising, looking at the guy next to me and wondering, "Is he one of them?"

Is there an ending to this horror flick?

Tom said...

It's so freakin' irrational I'm starting to think it's all fear and envy of the Big Black Negro endowment.

Anonymous said...

We had a Townhall with Sam Farr in Hollister, CA on Wednesday evening. There were more people with brains there than those without, so it was pretty civil. Occasionally though, a lunatic would get the mike. Like the lady who has "lots" of Canadian relatives who hate their health care service and who "all" come here when they get sick. She also had an aunt who was left on a gurney to die in the hallway of a Canadian hospital because she couldn't afford the insurance. There was the woman who belligerently asked Sam if he had read the bill, to which he replied, "Yes, have you?".She failed to respond. She did read a script from some front group called "The Liberty Council" which quoted a certain section and its amendment and page no's. which "proved" that the bill guarantees health care for "illegals". Well, Cong. Farr just happened to have a copy of the bill and so he looked it up. Not there on those pages. He then went to the appropriate section and read, twice, the language guaranteeing that no such benefit exists and is specifically excluded. But the queen of all nut jobs was the lady who told us in no uncertain terms exactly what God feels about single-
payer. He doesn't like it. She will pray for those of us who do.
Now, we are admittedly a nest of liberals here on the Central Coast and so ours is not a representative group. Sam Farr won 78% of the vote last time. But if sane folks hadn't shushed the angry "Freedom! This is America!" shouters, and if Farr hadn't controlled the bickering among us, the thing could easily have erupted into a nut festival. The rightist's applause for each other as they made their preposterous claims of secret abortions and death panels and reparations to blacks and so forth was far louder and much more vociferous than that of the polite libs.
These folks are seeing their country slip away. There's a n----r in the White House, a racist Latina on the Supreme Court, a woman is Sec. of State, for god's sake, and her name is Clinton! Rush, and Beck, and the boys and girls at Fox are dutifully pouring gasoline on the fire. I understand the teabaggers' frustration. I see their rage. I just hope nobody gets hurt.
Terry Butler

David Terrenoire said...

Thanks for the front line report, Terry. It's good to hear about a Rep who knows how to handle the nutjobs.

brando said...

I've actually met a person who flatly told me that she was for state mandated abortion.

It isn't crazy to be against such a thing. It's crazy to be for it.