Monday, April 27, 2009

When sex and chocolate aren't enough.

We've all heard that these things can make your brain healthier and smarter, and really, what's smarter than adding more sex and chocolate to your life?

But for some strivers, they want more.

Just as ball players bulk up on steroids, some students and business people are taking drugs made to treat neurological problems, all in an effort to be smarter, work harder, and work longer than before.

And that's smart?

OK, I'll admit, many in my generation turned to drugs in order to pry open our brain pans and toss out all the detritus of 50's America. But as with all things, if you started out stupid, you pretty much stayed stupid.

And if you want enlightenment, go live in a cave in Nepal, Mr. Hippie. This is America, where the only drugs we use are drugs that can help us work more rigorously toward a socially acceptable goal. Drugs like caffeine and Viagra.

I admit, as I get older and slower, surrounded by very smart people 20 years my junior, I've thought about taking Adderall or Provigil in order to stay competitive. But, as my doctor reads this blog, that admission pretty much puts the kibosh on my plans of faking ADHD.

But if I knew there existed a drug that could not only help me finish this novel but also make it a best seller, I'd take it.

Maybe then I'd have the time to live in that cave and figure out this whole third eye thing. Do you need special glasses for that?


Anonymous said...

The 3rd eye requires a monacle.

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

What dietary supplement have you been taking? What is it with this obsession of medications we get when we pass 55? Most of the time a stool softner will address the real problem.


KundaliniAgni said...

Hydergine is pretty awesome for safely enhancing circulation to the brain.. Ah, "smart drugs"...

Check out

I've heard that the liquid version of it is wonderful.. I tried the pills they did kind of disturb my bowels. I hear the liquid doesn't have that effect.

Best of luck!