Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Enough to make Jesus drink himself to sleep.

My pal, Dusty Rhoades, has posted two reprehensible posts from right wing fucktards about the Virginia Tech murders. I was going to link to them myself, but you can read their screeds over at Dusty's place here. I don't have the heart to search them out myself.

I try to entertain people with this blog. I don't tell you how to sell more books, or how to write better, or how to be a better person. Sure, I post political rants about things that piss me off, but always in the hopes that, in the end, it will make you laugh.

I can't quite gin up something funny today.

In response to something truly twisted from Michelle Malkin, one of the dumbest fucking people on the planet, I posted the following comment. With apologies to Dusty, I thought it was appropriate for me to also post it here.

There's a reason I haven't posted anything about the Virginia Tech shootings. I read things like Malkin and other blogs in a tizzy, right and left, about guns and gun control, and I have to turn away.

This is a real human tragedy, one that causes me to think about our place in this extended family, the pain a mother must feel waiting for that call that tells her her child is safe, the darkness that would bring a young man to do this horrible thing, and the trauma the survivors feel now and will feel for years, wondering why the kid next to them is dead and they're not.

Malkin, the asshat at the NRO, they all make me slightly nauseated with their pouncing on this tragedy in order to score a cheap partisan political point. These are horrid human beings. Absolutely horrid.

Come to think of it, maybe I do tell you how to be a better person. I apologize for being so presumptuous. Tomorrow, a more entertaining post.

I promise.

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