Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Justice, with a small "j."

Yes, it's Photoshopped, but one can dream.

The day Karl Rove is tossed into the joint will be a grand day for America. This festering boil on the ass of American politics was speaking at American University last night, invited by the campus College Republicans, the ones who love the Iraq War but not, you know, well enough to enlist. (For more on that, visit Operation Yellow Elephant.)

After speaking to the assembled Brown Shirts, Rove went outside and was heckled by students, some of whom threw things at him, and although we don't know what, it probably wasn't monkey feces or human blood, either of which would be applauded here at The Planet.

Of course, those intrepid members of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders think this is just terrible and are wringing their Cheeto-stained little hands over Rove being heckled because, you know, that's just wrong.

Not as wrong as stealing 1,000 sheets of letterhead from the office of a Democratic candidate and printing “Free beer, free food, girls, and a good time for nothing” on the stolen sheets and sending them out as an invitation to the candidate's rally, but still wrong.

And not as wrong as Donald Segretti, Rove's mentor and one of the felonious bastards uncovered when Woodward and Bernstein rolled over that rock on Watergate. But still, wrong.

And not as wrong as bugging his own office and then claiming Democrats did it so the FBI and newspapers would investigate. But still, you know. Wrong.

And not as wrong as starting the whisper campaign that John McCain was unbalanced from his time as a POW or that McCain's adopted Bangladeshi daughter was his illegitimate black child.

And certainly not as wrong as questioning the service of a decorated veteran who volunteered for combat in a war both of his bosses dodged.

But still wrong.

Because these protesters actually confronted Rove, (the horror!) and embarrassed him. No, he was in no danger. Unlike the thousands of young men and women he helped send to Iraq.

Protesting one of the vilest humans in America makes me think there's hope for this country yet. Every one of those kids who laid down in front of Rove's car showed more courage than all 600 of those College Republicans hiding inside the speaker's hall combined.

Rock on.

Update: All the liberal blogs and talk shows have been tut-tutting the throwing of things at Mr. Rove. Not me. I was talking to a friend last night and we decided that this would be a better country if everywhere Karl Rove went, citizens would pelt him with whatever's at hand wherever he is - at home, work, a rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike, or a bath house in Georgetown. Wherever.

I'm not talking bricks, people, but stale dinner rolls would be perfect.


Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

Each generation seems to try to live up to the legendary Lee Atwater, a fellow Carolinian and the definitive politrickster. Alas, neither Rove nor the evil Hilliary possesses a tenth of the talent; hence the constant bitching they stir up from the masses.

If I wanted to divide and overthrow a country, I believe I would introduce partisan politics and religion. That seems to do the trick every time.


David Terrenoire said...

Excellent point.

As for Lee Atwater, the king of nasty politics, he at least had the good graces to recant on his deathbed.

Let's hope Karl Rove has the same epiphany and let's hope it happens very soon. Like right now.