Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scared yet?

This lovely lady, dressed to impress, is Debra Cagan. She works for Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, in charge of Coalition Affairs concerning Iraq and Iran.

This past September she met with six British Members of Parliament visiting the states and told them that she hates Iranians.

That's right. According to the UK's Daily Mail, Cagan told the MPs that "I hate all Iranians."

As one MP reported, "She seemed more keen on saying she didn't like Iranians than that the US had no plans to attack Iran."

Another MP said: "I formed the impression that some in America are looking for an excuse to attack Iran. It was very alarming."

And this: "It was very sobering to hear from the horse's mouth how the US sees the situation."

Of course, if they had met with George Bush they could have heard it from the horse's ass.

War with Iran.

Happy Halloween, bitches.

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Phoebe Fay said...

She was scary even before she opened her mouth. And it's terrifying watching this administration just stroking that trigger, itching to pull it, no matter how much sane people are against the idea.