Thursday, October 04, 2007

Time for some karmic balance.

Yesterday's post was a bit caustic, I admit, and as I'm flying several times in the upcoming few days, I thought it best to end the week by tossing a little light into the darkness. So here, in the hopes that HR will call of its lawyers, is a cosmic corrective cuteness buffer.*

He's flying! Look out for that truck!

This little guy has his heart set on the NBA. Don't tell him that elephants are the only mammals who can't jump!

He's cute until he runs up your pants leg!

Even at this tender age, these cubs brought down a full grown German Shepherd! Awwwww.

Panda baby! Panda baby!

And Cup-O-Kitten Soup! Yum!

That's it for the week. Be back next week with Tales of Horror from Tulsa where we'll determine if Oklahoma is indeed OK or if maybe the residents shouldn't set their sights a little higher.

Until then, be adequate! OK!

*Cuteness Buffer, a trademarked feature of Jen Jordan's Human Under Construction.


Anonymous said...

Regarding those Cup O Kittens - those are just the heads, correct?

David Terrenoire said...

The heads make the best soup, Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Has Jenny been slipping some meds into your coffee?

I like the elephant-a face only a mother could love.