Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm trying to be the shepherd.

I spent all last week taking it easy. It was nice. The family had a good Christmas and there were only a few rough spots and I take the blame for those.

As I've spent the last few months...years...decades...hell, since the Nixon administration being angry, I'm trying to follow teacher J Sumitta Hudson's advice to practice happiness as a daily routine. I'm trying.

Then I see this.

Every Monday morning over at First Draft, Tommy wades into the Free Republic pool (it's quite shallow, so no diving) to see what sludge lies beneath the oily surface. Last week he found the Freepers celebrating the season in a truly Christian mood.

"If I see some Arab/Muslim-looking folks I go out of my way to wish them “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!” A very small minority return the greeting (Catholics, I presume) but most just look at me with hostility. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"I tell everyone Merry Christmas. It makes the right people happy and pisses off the libtards and other assorted scum."

"I have been going out of my way to say Merry Christmas. Let the atheists, mooselimbs, and demoncraps burn in hell."

It's the spirit of the season among the victimized American class. Hostility, assorted scum, burn in in hell, (mooselimbs?).

Yep, it's Christmas in America, complete with rancor, unprovoked rudeness and manufactured strawmen to decorate the nativity.

If the Arab/Muslim-looking Wise Men showed up today these people would shoot them at the border.

On a healthier note, if I missed you last week, I hope you had a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday, a Joyous Solstice or whatever it is you celebrate. What you believe is no one's business but yours.

Now, let us practice happiness.

There, I feel better already.


J. Sumitta Hudson said...

There is always a bit of "pleasure" in indulging in negative emotion. It allows us to feel "superior" to others and exalt ourselves towards what we perceive as ignorance.

We cannot hope to uncondition these emotions by ignoring them. But we cannot indulge these emotions by validating them.

See them and understand them, and navigate the waters mindfully.

Who is hurt by craving and clinging to negative emotions other than ourselves. How can we diminish the negative energy of others if we give credence and power to them, by responding in kind?

pattinase (abbott) said...

I suffer from the same malady. My family tells me to get out the light screen. Maybe this year will be better to those of us who worry, fret, despair.

Beneath the Carolina Moon said...

There's some fairly decent and really rotten bad of everything. You name them, gun owners, good and bad; democrats, good and bad; republicans, good and bad; christians, muslims, buddist, whatevers, and atheist...good and bad. Tree huggers, poluters, gas hog drivers, burger flippers, and writers, doctors, candle stick makers, executioners...there's some of everything that is good and bad.

Personally, I get really tired of the ass holes who make life tougher than it has to be, just because they can. I don't know any of those that are good. So why don't we all gang up on them and let everyone else be?

Dread,,,I gotta get more sleep...HAH! HAH! The verification word to type to post the comment was "winger". Not left. Not right. Just WINGER!...

David Terrenoire said...

"...I get really tired of the assholes who make life tougher than it has to be..."

Me too, Dread. Me too.

As usual, you put your finger on it. And I love the word verification verification. The Internet knows who's been bad or good.