Thursday, February 16, 2006

And The Winner Is...

I want to thank everyone who gave me their definition of a good day in hell. After long hours of deliberation and careful consideration of all entries, the judges have decided that

"A good day in Hell is..."

"...a day when the heat is only dry heat. Because we all know Hell has gotta be humid."

This was Dave White's First Prize suckup to the Tarheel boys. See you in Kinston come August, Dave. Bring a towel.

"...when you don't have to turn the spiked condom inside out."

Daniel Hatadi's Second Prize winner had the judges crossing their legs and moving quickly on to...

The Winners of the as-yet undetermined Third Place Prize*

"...when the perfect sentence unfolds before my eyes. Mine, somebody else's, it doesn't matter." - Stephen Rogers with one of the few entries that had anything to do with the writing profession.

"...Bush and a bag of Costco pretzels." - K.C. Baxter wins Special Political Honorable Mention

Winners should send me their mailing addresses and the books will go out in mid-March, after Dusty's Great Tarheel Tour.

*The author and the judge will decide on third place prizes after adjourning to a local place of liquid refreshment.


Sandra Ruttan said...

That Daniel is one disturbed individual!

David Terrenoire said...

That's why we love him here at the planet.

JD Rhoades said...

Brilliant selections,all.

Daniel Hatadi said...

First I'd like to thank my ma and my pa for giving me a pee-pee, then I'd like to thank all the people in those blacklit nightclubs that have helped me with my research over the last ten years.

Damn you, Dave White! You beat me again!
* shakes fist at Northern Hemisphere *

K.C. Baxter said...

"K.C. Baxter wins Special Political Honorable Mention"

Quoth the late Don Adams..."missed it by that much!"

Dave White said...

Beat Dan Hatadi is the only reason I have for getting up in the morning. Thanks guys.