Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Win A Good Day In Hell

Today we'll hit a milestone at The Planet. Sometime this morning, someone will be the 2000th customer of our copyright infringements, deranged rants, cheap gags and Fun With Photoshop. To the Divine Ms. Weinman, this milestone is most likely a daily occurrence, but in this neighborhood it's reason to give stuff away.

Send an email (davidterrenoire at, tell me what you would consider a good day in hell, and I'll personally have Dusty sign a copy of his new book, the second in a series featuring tormented tough guy, Jack Keller. The St. Martins Grand Tour rolls through here the middle of March.

Second prize is a signed copy of Beneath A Panamanian Moon by some guy with a long, impossible name. I know where he lives.

Third prize? Two copies of Beneath A Panamanian Moon. (ba-DUM)

Really, I don't know what a third prize would be, but I'll think of something.

*And thanks to Duane for letting me borrow his contest concept. I promise to return it when I'm done.

UPDATE: It's come to my attention that you might be one of the twelve people who bought Panamanian Moon. If that's the case, I'll substitute another book. We'll talk.

UPDATED UPDATE: The Planet officially hit 2000 visitors at 9:34 this morning. I'm humbly grateful, and more than a little surprised, that people keep coming back here. It's a very silly place.

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