Sunday, February 12, 2006

I'm With Stupid, Part 2

It happened again. I made the mistake of posting a dissenting POV at a right wing site. Some guy suggested that the loathsome homophobe Fred Phelps, the man who demonstrates outside of military funerals with signs that say "Thank God For IEDs" is actually a liberal. I think. I'm not sure. He found a picture of Phelps taken in 1988 with Al Gore, so I guess that was his thesis. I pointed out that Rosalyn Carter had her picture taken with John Wayne Gacy and she's not a serial killer, and Donald Rumsfeld had his picture taken with Saddam Hussein, and he's not a murderous dictator who seized power by force.

He was appointed. (I'll be here all week.)

That should have been enough, but I couldn't let it go. I argued that I'd enlisted about the same time Dick Cheney had "other priorities" and George Bush was snorting blow off a cheerleader's thigh. (I heard the cheerleaders' name was Bob, but that's probably just a rumor started by Bob.) I said that I take offense when someone suggests liberals hate the military, particularly if that opinion comes from a poster with the nom de guerre "lobo" and whose only time in uniform involved a paper hat and a deep fryer.

So he got their resident veteran to put me in my place. Here, without edit, is the general's post:

When you have served as much time as I have 25 years days active duty and a lot of reserve time. I would not want to count the times I have commanded an honor guard for a military funeral. I was a hard shell democrat until I finally saw the light when the low life Clinton got elected. Now go dry yourself behind the years sonny and get some experience in life and them come back I again again relate the idiots that used King funeral polically as being the same as Pretending to be a Pastor Phelps.

I have great respect for our veterans, especially those with apparent head wounds, and I should have walked away from this, but no, I wasted an extra part of my life arguing with this person. Wow.

So who's the stupid one?

That would be me.

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