Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Hit This Old Man Today...

...knocked him clean off his feet, sent him to the ICU.

The first thing the police asked was if I'd been drinking. I told him I had a beer at lunch. One beer. He said OK, and wanted to ask more questions but I told him I had a dinner to attend and asked if it would be all right if I came in later, like tomorrow. "No problem," he said, and let me go.

A fairytale.


Hardluck Writer said...

I once saw an old lady (70s) get hit. The whole thing was so surreal. This was in Boston. The driver in front of was driving carefully. The old lady one second was on the sidewalk, next second was right in front of his car. Don't know how she did it. She did a complete sommersault on getting hit - one sneaker flew across the street, and she's on the road clutching her hip and make mewling noises. The driver's flipping out. Cops come immediately. I try telling one of the cops that I witnessed the accident and he screams at me to keep driving. I kept driving.

JD Rhoades said...

We were wondering where Grandpa went.