Friday, April 28, 2006

At least they waited until the reception.

For those who read the New York Times, you know they have a right-leaning columnist named David Brooks, a man who continually berates us coastal liberals for being out of touch with the heartland values of mainstream America. Of course, David Brooks doesn't live in the heartland, he only imagines what life must be like out there in flyover country.

As someone who grew up in small town America, and know first hand what the heartland can cook up given enough alcohol and inbreeding, I think of David every time I read a story like this:

In Ohio, the bride's stepfather chose her special day to stab her father and brother in an argument at the wedding reception. Yes, we've all been to receptions like this, haven't we.


Sandra Ruttan said...

'enough alcohol and inbreeding'

There are so many great books that could be born from just that one inspiring line!

secretdeadartist said...

I've been trying for a year now to convince my fiance that going back to Ohio to get married is just not a good idea.