Thursday, May 04, 2006

Heavy breathing.

OK, time to take a moment from my computer angst and give you an update on work.

I'm writing medical stuff for medical people and that's all I'm going to confess to without that free trip to Cuba. Right now I'm working on asthma medication and reading about mucus and alveoli, inflammation and hacking up bits of lung. I'm all up in that respiratory thing.

The writing is fine, so far, but I have one complaint.

I can't fucking breathe.

This is like taking Psych 101 in college, the class where you discovered you really were mentally ill, psychotic in fact, and just one small step away from baby-eating and voting Republican.

My chest hurts. My trachea burns. I can't catch my breath. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was on the pipe. But no, it's all in my head, up there with the closets full of insecurity, creaky stairs, and Rickards' clowns.

Jesus, I hope they don't assign me to any erectile dysfunction drugs.

I can live without breathing.


Sandra Ruttan said...

Evilkev did site designs and hosting for internet pharmacies and had to do all the research on various erectile dysfunctions.

Not that he'd tell me anything about it. He wants me to retain my pure mind. I don't know what dream world he's living in. I've discovered there's always somebody online who'll tell you anything.

Anonymous said...

Blue Bayou is having a wine tasting tonite -- that should clear your breathing. Oh wait. Wine has additives, right? Straight bourbon or scotch should help you today.


Karen Olson said...

My husband wrote a piece on irritable bowel syndrome for a local hospital's newsletter. He also had sympathy symptoms. It's too bad you can't choose the illness...

secretdeadartist said...

Let's hope this is not a continuing pattern, especially when you have to write something about heart problems. ER trips can be very expensive.

Stuart MacBride said...

Looking on the bright side - at least now you know all the fancy medical names for the bits of your respiratory system that are shutting down on you!